The Company

VOLUMES NA ROTA is a company based in the city of Gondomar, Certified and with a multidisciplinary team specializing in the delivery of goods, nationally and internationally since 2011.
VOLUMES NA ROTA it has heavy vehicles and tractors with trailers distributed by the various business areas and equipped with satellite positioning system (GPS).
The entire fleet is acquired through a rigorous selection process in order to ensure high safety standards and an excellent performance over its useful life.
It is prevalent condition, from the aforementioned, all the technological innovation that contributes to achieve better levels of safety, environmental protection and with obvious positive result in increased payload capacity.
Where there is customer interest in disclosing his own image, the cars are customized with the corporate image of the client companies.


National and International Transport

We have capacity to carry out transport in Portugal and abroad.

Hazardous Materials

Our vehicles are fit and in accordance with the legislation in force, equipped for example with portable fire fighting appliances tailored to flammability classes A, B and C with 2 kg capacity for fire fighting in the engine or cab, have mass highest permissible 7,5 tones one or more fire extinguishers adapted to flammability classes A, B and C with a minimum total capacity of 12Kg, etc.

General Cargo

VOLUMES NA ROTA, is entitled to carry virtually all types of loads that can move by road, namely Chemical with ADR, bulk goods in semi-trailers with ADR except dump and tanker fuel.

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Volumes na Rota - Transportes e Logística, Lda
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